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ASCO completes the delivery of innovative high-lift devices to Airbus

  • ASCO delivered two airworthy CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics) Krueger flaps to Airbus. They will be flight tested on an A340 in 2018.
  • The delivery concludes the DEAMAK (DEsign And MAnufacture of Krueger flaps) project within the Clean Sky Smart Fixed Wing aircraft program.
  • The innovative and weight efficient leading edge high-lift device enables natural laminar flow on the wings by providing protection against insects, hail and dirt particles.
ASCO, world leader in design and manufacture of high-lift mechanism devices, has successfully delivered a shipset of two airworthy Krueger flaps to Airbus in the frame of DEAMAK. This project has been partially funded by the European Commission through the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking and linked to the global Clean Sky Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft research project BLADE (Breakthrough LAminar Demonstrator in Europe). The aim is to assess new Natural Laminar Flow wing sections on a modified A340-300 test aircraft on which ASCO Krueger flaps will be flight tested in 2018.

DEAMAK constitutes a milestone in developing the high-lift devices for future aircraft. The BLADE wing has been designed to reduce drag through natural laminar flow that is expected to improve up to 6% of fuel consumption and corresponding CO₂ emissions. Also, the parts built in CFRP are significantly lighter than traditional flaps, contributing to less weight and fuel consumption to the aircraft. The Krueger also provides additional protection to the wing by providing an efficient shield against insects, hail and dirt particles. Further, due to its closed multi-cell structure produced in one shot, the DEAMAK Krueger flaps require very few assembly operations, which is a key benefit for future potential high rate production.
“This project adds to the experience of ASCO composites manufacturing facility in Belgium and contributes to ASCO’s mission of developing state of the art solutions in high-lift devices. ASCO’s strategy is centered on offering a complete, environmental-friendly, cost effective and safe solution to its customers and the DEAMAK Krueger flap project embraces all these objectives.” concluded Mr. Brieuc Spindler, CTO of the Asco Group.

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