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ERA co-hosts seventh annual Safety Forum


4 June 2019

ERA, Eurocontrol and the Flight Safety Foundation host seventh annual Safety Forum.
The two-day event will take place at Eurocontrol’s headquarters, 4–5 June, on the topic of Safety and Procedures.

Since the first Safety Forum held in 2013, ERA, Eurocontrol and the Flight Safety Foundation have worked together each year to produce a forum that highlights this important issue in aviation and airline operations. Hundreds of international aviation safety experts are expected to attend the two-day event at Eurocontrol’s headquarters, which this year will be dedicated to Safety and Procedures.

The event will provide an opportunity to fully explore safety procedures, why we have them and the importance of human factors when following them. Further to this, it will allow attendees to exchange ideas and experiences on the development of new procedures, allowing attendees to hear real-life cases when adherence to or even a deviation from the established procedures saved the day or how pilots or controllers acted when encountering a situation not covered by any procedures.

ERA Director General, Montserrat Barriga, says: “As an industry, safety is and must remain our number one priority. One thing we know is that safety is ever-evolving and we are learning each and every day from our own experiences and our industry’s technology; we can never stop this learning process. ERA is proud to co-host the seventh annual Safety Forum, an event that provides the industry with the opportunity to come away with tangible guidance, action items and recommendations. By working together, we can continuously improve our safety culture, standards and performance; something that ERA and our members remain dedicated to achieving.”

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