Peach Brings Tohoku and Asia Closer Together!


Peach Launches New Base and Flights from Sendai Airport New Flights between Sendai – Sapporo (Shin-Chitose) and Sendai –Taipei (Taoyuan)

・ New routes launched: Sendai – Sapporo (Shin-Chitose) from September. 24 and Sendai –
Taipei (Taoyuan) from September. 25
・ New flights from Shin-Chitose to Fukuoka and Taipei (Taoyuan) also launched
・ Special website, COMOMO, set up with Miyagi Prefecture, commemorating Sendai as a new
travel hub

Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) has set up a base in Sendai Airport and launched new routes including flights to Sapporo (Shin-Chitose), launched on September 24, as well as flights to Taipei (Taoyuan), which launched the next day on September 25. Sapporo (Shin-Chitose) flights depart twice daily, while Taipei (Taoyuan) flights depart four days per week (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat).
New flights from Shin-Chitose Airport to Fukuoka and Taipei (Taoyuan) went into service on September 24.
Including Peach’s existing Sendai – Osaka (Kansai) route, this brings the total number of
Peach routes serving Sendai Airport to three. Likewise, including Peach’s existing Shin-Chitose
(Sapporo) – Osaka (Kansai) route, it brings the total routes serving Shin-Chitose Airport to three
as well, representing an effective expansion of Peach’s network from Tohoku and Hokkaido.
Landing ceremony for the new Taipei – Sendai route/September 25 at Sendai Airport>

Peach’s CEO, Shinichi Inoue, commented, “With Sendai Airport as an air-travel gateway to Tohoku,
Peach hopes to contribute even more to Tohoku reconstruction by bringing more customers than ever to the area. Peach will continue building ‘uniquely Peach’ bridges between Sendai Airport and
destinations in and outside of Japan, and we are committed to injecting more fun into the skies of
Tohoku and Miyagi, with Sendai as a hub, in ways that make our customers say ‘I’m glad Peach is
finally here’. We invite people of Miyagi and Tohoku to casually fly Peach for all their travel needs.”
Commemorating Sendai as a new travel hub, a special website, COMOMO, has also been set up in a joint project with Miyagi Prefecture to introduce the fresh appeal of Tohoku and promote women’s travel to the area in a way only Peach can deliver. For more information, please visit
Peach is committed to continuing to contribute to the revitalization of the Tohoku area as “a bridge
between Japan and Asia.”

About Peach (
Peach began operation in March 2012 based from Kansai Airport. The airline continued to expand beyond Kansai Airport with bases at Naha Airport in July 2014, followed by Sendai Airport in September 2017. Currently Peach operates 19 aircraft with 14 domestic routes and 15 international routes, flying up to 100 flights per day and providing transportation to over 13,000 customers.
Peach also has plans to set up a travel hub from Shin-Chitose Airport in 2018.

Source: Peach

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