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White paper on Aerospace in Africa: Extracts

aerospace in africa

The first ever white paper on Aerospace in Africa took place in Toulouse, with Airbus. Aerospace is an enabler for growth in Africa. In a room, all stakeholders shared their voices, perspectives, experiences and thoughts. Africa needs a new approach.

Airbus organised this event with many important personalities in the development of Africa, different nationalities, countries, organisations, and the objective was to show that Airbus can find solutions for the African growth. “Airbus absolutely wants to be part of this extraordinary adventure. There are tremendous talents and opportunities in Africa, and Airbus wants to be there, and contribute to the various development areas, not only with its products, but also with global solutions that generates revenue that allows the countries to obtain financing”, according Mickaïl Houari, President of Airbus in Africa and Middle East.

Nadia Didelot for AeroMorning


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