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Cohu Experience, Axiom Space, Fun Academy, and Edge of Space Announce Joint Program Designed to Make Space Travel Accessible to Everyone


HOUSTON, Jan. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cohu Experience, Axiom Space, Fun Academy, and Edge of Space today formally announced the opening of registration for participation in The Space Nation Astronaut Program, a training program and contest that gives everyone the opportunity to travel to space. The program is designed to create a greater awareness of the future of human spaceflight and facilitate an increased worldwide adoption of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

The first-ever global Space Nation Astronaut Program will begin in 2017. Training begins with a free smartphone app through which people all around the world can compete in challenges to gain a deeper understanding of space exploration and the science and technology behind human spaceflight. Candidates earn points by completing tasks and advance through multiple merit levels to earn the ultimate mission: a trip to space.

Space Nation was created by four private companies united in their passion to create concrete ways to make space travel dreams possible for everyone. The Space Nation Astronaut Training Program is the main project of Finland-based media company Cohu Experience, which offers concrete ways for everyone to participate in the new space era, led by CEO and co-founder Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola. US-based Axiom Space LLC, a private company developing the first private international commercial space station led by President and CEO and previous ISS program manager Michael Suffredini, will provide astronaut training and flight opportunities to space for the winner of the program. Finland-based education company Fun Academy, co-founded by Peter Vesterbacka (former Mighty Eagle at Rovio Angry Birds) is building the Space Nation Kids astronaut training experience for children, the coming generation of astronauts. Edge of Space, a company working towards making the adventure and excitement of spaceflight and space science available and affordable to all, has helped Space Nation create new ways to connect audiences with space science and experiences.

“Space Nation is an answer to the age-old universal dream of space travel,” stated CEO and co-founder of Cohu Experience Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola. “Astronaut skills are also much needed here on Earth. Creative problem solving, curiosity, teamwork, and continuous learning are all key elements in creating a better future for our planet. This is why Space Nation is also a global learning platform. Our goal is to create a positive phenomenon where learning and self-development is fun and entertaining.”

Stated Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space, “We’re committed to expanding the space travel experience to all who are interested, and with the next few years of increased private and commercial spaceflight opportunities, there has never been a better time to do so than now. We’re excited to be contributing to such a pivotal time in the history of human spaceflight.”

The Space Nation community is now open. Anyone who is interested can join in the program at

About Cohu Experience and Space Nation

Cohu Experience is a Finnish space media company offering concrete ways for everyone to participate in the new space era. Our main project is the Space Nation Astronaut Program, to be launched in 2017. The program encourages people to take part in real world adventures through a self-improvement smartphone app that motivates people to develop their physical, mental, and social skills. Space Nation aims to make the universal dream of space travel a possibility for everyone. For more information, visit, or follow Space Nation on social media at,, and

About Axiom Space

Axiom Space, LLC is a private company creating the world’s first international commercial space station to host government astronauts, private companies, and individuals for research, manufacturing, space exploration systems testing, and tourism. The team’s vision is to make living and working in Earth orbit commonplace as a means to sustained deep space exploration. For more information, visit: or follow Axiom on social media at

About Fun Academy

Fun Academy is a Finnish education company with a global mindset. The company works in the areas of early childhood education and digital solutions for the K12 level. Professional development of teachers is a core focus for the company as well as the Fun Learning approach that supports children to become lifelong learners through identifying their learning strengths and areas of interest or passion. Rovio Entertainment, the University of Helsinki and Polkuni Ltd are among the shareholders of Fun Academy.

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